Transit Planning
BLE Elevator Towers
The elevator tower art concept was inspired by Charlotte’s impressive tree canopy, which blankets homes and streets throughout the city. Although magnificent when fully leafed, it is the supportive, branching structure of the trees that most informed artist Susan Brenner’s design. In winter, she sees these dark limbs contrast with gray skies as drawn lines would on a blank page.
The artist will manipulate the tree forms and transform them with a process similar to what she uses to create her paintings. The art will be in the glass panels walls of the elevator towers at the University City Boulevard and JW Clay Stations.
The design for the University City Boulevard Elevator Tower will be loaded with color and appear very abstract, with only an implied branching structure scraping through. The JW Clay tower design consists of a multitude of brown branches filling a cone-like tree shape.
Front view of University City Boulevard Station Elevator Tower

The cohesive yet abstract designs will span the two stories of the towers, providing great color but retaining their translucency in order to allow riders both within and outside the towers a chance to appreciate the art.


Side view of JW Clay Station Elevator Tower

The artist’s design implies that as the trees of Charlotte constantly grow, branch out, and circulate nutrients, the light rail and elevators will circulate and move the citizens of Charlotte.

​Arti​st Bio

Recipient of the prestigious Pollack-Krasner Grant and a professor of painting at UNC Charlotte, Susan Brenner is a nationally and internationally exhibited artist. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at the Hanes Gallery on Wake Forest University’s campus, the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, and the University of Colorado at Denver. Brenner earned her MFA from the University of Southern California and her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.