Transit Planning
BLE Traction Power Substations, Signal Houses, and Communication Cabinets

​Throughout the alignment, there will be a number of visible Traction Power Substations (TPSS), Signal Houses (SH), and Communication Cabinets (CC). These elements are essential to the function of the transit line, housing electrical and power equipment that allows trains to run. These elements can be quite large, with TPSSs reaching the size of a trailer, and very near businesses and residences; it is therefore pertinent that Art-in-Transit transform them into something more visually digestible.  

TPSS 17 - Copy.jpg

TPSS 16 - Copy.jpg 
Charlotte artist Sharon Dowell was given the opportunity to camouflage these necessary, functional structures. She proposed a theme of coexistence by integrating both urban and vegetal visual elements and infusing them with vibrant color. In her signature graphic style, Dowell rendered architectural elements to represent the “urban,” signifying Charlotte’s energy and growth. The plant patterns will remind visitors to enjoy and respect nature. These designs will be printed on vinyl and adhered to the exterior of the structures.
Artist Bio
Sharon Dowell earned her BFA in painting, Cum Laude, from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and now teaches and coordinates the Rowe Art Gallery on the same campus. She has been honored as Charlotte Magazine’s Best Artist (2012) and Creative Loafing’s Best Local Artist (2008) and her paintings are featured in several corporate collections. Her 2009 Central Avenue Mural commission from the Arts and Science Council for the City of Charlotte began her public art career, adding to her already extensive list of exhibitions nationally.