Transit Planning
Parkwood Station Windscreens

The windscreen images are collages from various photos taken by the artist and geological maps. Each will include a timeline composed of images that reference a sweep of geological and biological history with a marker that locates the particular windscreen image within the larger context.

​The timeline simply presents the rich diversity of  life on earth and helps tell the story of the rare fossil found in Stanley County, NC; an early multi-cellular life form that lived in shallow waters, surrounding land that later was joined to the eastern edge of North America, and became what is now North Carolina. ​



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The southbound platform windscreens focus on geological history with an emphasis on three specific activities:​

1. Middle Cambrian Era
2. Early Jurassic Era
3. Early Cretaceous Era

1. The rare, pre-Cambrian, metazoan fossil discovered in the Carolina Slate Belt, Southwest Africa, South Australia, and Russia.
2. Three Stages of tectonic activity leading to the formation of the Piedmont region
3. The process of gold formation.

​The northbound platform windscreens highlight three periods of plate tectonic activity that led to the formation of present day North Carolina. A subtle outline of the states with an emphasis on North Carolina, orients the viewer in the unfamiliar shape of each ancient landform.