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Northeast Corridor Receives Federal Approval to Move Forward

The LYNX Blue Line Extension - Northeast Corridor Light Rail Project is an extension of the LYNX Blue Line -South Corridor and will address transportation needs and support the region's land use policies and goals for a sustainable growth. Specifically, the project's purpose is to:

  • Improve mobility within the corridor by offering a convenient alternative to the automobile;
  • Enhance the region's quality of life by improving access to jobs, entertainment, shopping and other destinations;
  • Support the region's land use vision by focusing future higher density development in key growth corridors;
  • Leverage the region's transit investment by extending an existing light rail line; and
  • Preserve and protect the environment.

FFGA Process

Project Milestones Achieved:

  • 2000    Systems Planning
  • 2002    Alternatives Analysis
  • 2006    Select Locally Perferred Alternative
  • 2007    FTA approves entry into Preliminary Engineering
  • 2010    FTA signs Draft Environmental Impact Statement
  • 2011    FTA signs Final Environmental Impact Statement
  • 2011    FTA signs Record of Decision
  • 2012    FTA approves entry into Final Design
  • 2012    FTA sings Full Funding Grant Agreement