Transit Planning

Gold Line Overview

The CityLYNX Gold Line is a 10-mile streetcar system that is an integral part of the 2030 Transit Plan and is being constructed in phases. The alignment will connect through the central business district and serves as a critical economic development tool to focus growth along key corridors, connecting neighborhoods to community interests such as businesses, employment, entertainment, educational institutions, healthcare, etc.    The CityLYNX Gold Line also serves as a critical connection for the efficient and robust operation of the overall transit system, linking together all the current and future rapid transit lines:

  • Blue Line,
  • Red Line – North Corridor
  • Silver Line – Southeast Corridor
  • West Corridor – Airport
and linking four of CATS current and future transit centers.

The system begins on Beatties Ford Road in west Charlotte at the Rosa Parks Place Community Transit Center. It will continue south along Beatties Ford Road to Trade Street, running through the urban core of the City. It will proceed east to Elizabeth Avenue, eventually extending east along Hawthorne Lane to Central Avenue. The alignment travels east along Central Avenue to the system end-of-line at Eastland Community Transit Center. Once Phase 2 is open in 2019, the CityLYNX Gold Line will use modern rail vehicles, similar in features and design as light rail vehicles. (See map)

Engine for Economic Growth

1.1 million or more square feet in new development
•  71 additional residential units
•  21,800 square feet of additional retail space
•  276, 700 square feet of additional office space

101 additional hotel rooms
Increase in incremental property tax revenues which could range from $4.7 million to $7.0 million per year by 2035

2,000 small businesses will be accessible within one-fourth mile of the CityLYNX Gold Line
Providing Connectivity throughout Central Charlotte

Expanding Gold Line to connect to key academic, business and activity centers including:
•    Johnson C. Smith University
•    Johnson & Wales University
•    Northeastern University – Charlotte Campus
•    Wake Forest University – Charlotte Campus
•    UNC Charlotte – Center City Campus
•    Charlotte School of Law
•    Bank of America Corporate Headquarters
•    BB&T Ballpark
•    Bank of America Stadium
•    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center
•    Time Warner Cable Arena
•    EpiCenter Entertainment/Retail Center
•    Central Piedmont Community College – Central Campus
•    Novant Health Center
•    NASCAR Hall of Fame

Providing improved Transit Service in the Corridor

• Connecting to LYNX Blue Line
• Connecting to the Charlotte Transportation Center (70 routes)
• Routes 1,7,9 and 39 have highest volumes on Beatties Ford, Trade Street, Elizabeth and Central Avenue