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Cross Charlotte Trail


Project Overview
The City of Charlotte is partnering with Mecklenburg County to create a 26-mile trail and greenway facility that will stretch from the City of Pineville, through Center City and on to the UNCC campus and Cabarrus County line. This trail is being named the Cross Charlotte Trail.  When completed, residents will be able to travel seamlessly from one end of Charlotte to the other.  Approximately 98,000 jobs and 80,000 residents will be located within ½ mile of the proposed Cross Charlotte Trail.  The trail will connect to many treasured places and major employment centers over the 26-mile alignment.

Project Funding
Proposed Public Improvement Bonds ($5 million in 2014 and $30 million in 2016)
Project Map
How You Can Get Involved
Community engagement activities will occur throughout the project’s duration to keep those interested in the project informed and provide opportunities for the public to share ideas, opinions, and concerns.
The City envisions a series of formal workshops and less formal “pop-up” meetings at various venues.  See below for the latest list of upcoming meetings. There will also be additional opportunities to be involved through social media.
Click here for information on Community Investment Plan news and events.
Upcoming Meetings
To be scheduled.
For more information, contact Joe Frey at (704) 336-5276 or Dan Gallagher at (704) 336-4984 for South Section or Vivian Coleman at (704) 336-4275 for North Section.
Be sure to review the Additional Resources section below for project documents, materials from public meetings and other helpful information.
Rail Trail Framework Draft Plan
LYNX Blue Line Extension (CATS Website)
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​Cross-Charlotte Trail use

Recently, the City submitted a question on the topic, asking 'What would you likely use the Cross-Charlotte Trail for, including a poll. Below are the poll results:

This survey is now closed, but sign up and check out the conversations on the topic!



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