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Community Investment Plan
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The City of Charlotte's Community Investment Plan (CIP) is a long-range investment program designed to meet the needs of our growing community. Over the next several years, $816.4 million in proposed community improvements will be planned, designed and implemented. You have an opportunity to be a part of this plan. We want you and your neighbors to be actively involved from beginning to end as we invest in Charlotte's future. You won't just be helping to build a bridge or sidewalk or bike trail; you'll be building a community that addresses its infrastructure needs with a long-term, sustainable emphasis on the following:
1) Livability - addressing housing diversity, neighborhood improvements, and quality of life needs;
2) Getting Around - increasing connectivity through road projects and infrastructure improvements; and
3) Job Growth - promoting economic development, expansion and job creation. 
In 2013, City Council approved funding for advance planning of the CIP, with the goal of engaging the community in more fully defining how the CIP’s projects and programs should be carried out in order achieve these objectives. To see how you can be a part of this effort, click on the projects below.  You can also download the Community Investment Plan brochure and proposed funding schedule.  The 2014 Bonds are categorized as public improvement, housing and neighborhood improvement. Each project page provides additional information and indicates how that particular project is categorized.
​Click the links below for information on projects that will transform our community!


Getting Around
Job Growth