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Phase 2 Project Updates

Overall Project Update

Final design of the project is now complete and the request for construction bids has been issued! Bids of interested contractors will be due in late June. Those bids will be evaluated in July and a recommendation will be made to Charlotte City Council to award a construction contract in August.

The vehicle acquisition process is also underway. Several proposals for modern streetcar vehicles are currently under evaluation and a recommendation will be presented for City Council action in July.

Construction: What to Expect

The CityLYNX Gold Line Phase 2 streetcar project is broken up into 3 segments for construction purposes. Within those 3 segments are smaller sub-segments. CATS has written into the project specifications that the contractor can work in all three segments at once, but cannot work in any two connecting sub-segments at the same time. This specification was included to help move traffic through the work area in an efficient way.

Segment 1: West Side

  1. I-77 to Rozzelles Ferry Road
  2. Rozzelles Ferry Road To French Street

Segment 2: Uptown

  1. I-77 to Graham Street
  2. Graham Street to Tryon Street
  3. Tryon Street to Charlotte Transportation Center

Segment 3: Elizabeth

  1. Hawthorne Lane & 5th Street to Hawthorne Lane & 7th Street
  2. Hawthorne Lane & 7th Street to Central Avenue