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​Community Investment Plan

Click on the projects in the map below to find out how we're investing in our community.

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Charlotte Voters Approve City Bonds 
Tuesday, voters approved $146 million in City bonds for public improvements, housing and neighborhood improvements
“With the passing of the bonds, projects in our Community Investment Plan will be moving forward,” said City Manager Ron Carlee. “These projects benefit the City by creating jobs and growing the tax base, leveraging public and private investment, enhancing public safety, ensuring housing diversity and providing integrated neighborhood improvements. The projects will focus on livability, getting around and job growth which will help make Charlotte a pillar among cities.”
Getting Creative in the Community
Over the past several months, City of Charlotte staff have been conducting pop-up meetings and attending neighborhood events giving residents the opportunity to learn more about the Community Investment Plan. View current and past issues of the Community Investment Plan Newsletter on your right.

Staying Connected to the Community Investment Plan
To remain a vibrant city where people want to live and work, Charlotte needs the ideas and voices of many residents with diverse viewpoints and interests. Subscribe to stay up-to-date with news, meetings and opportunities to get involved with the Plan by clicking the Notify Me button at the top of this page.



The following projects are currently under construction as a result of the Council's priorities and focus areas.

 Blue Line Extension (BLE)LYNX Blue Line Extension

 CityLYNX Gold Line​



Community Investment Plan Brochure

Community Investment Plan Goals

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