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Caring for your trees
Trees are recognized as one of Charlotte’s greatest natural resources.  They clean our air and water while providing shade and beauty.

Some things to think about before you cut! 
Pruning is one of the many ways for us to protect our tree canopy.

When and how to prune
True pruning should always consider the natural structure of a tree. For most trees and shrubs, pruning should be done during the winter when it is easier to see the correct branches to cut.

It is a good idea to consult an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist who is familiar with the tree ordinance before cutting trees.
crape myrtle tree

A healthy, natural-looking Crepe Myrtle tree properly pruned and cared for over time.
Topped Crape Myrtle tree

A topped Crepe Myrtle tree will shorten the tree's life expectancy and make it weaker and less attractive.

Don’t top trees 
Topping is the removal of large upper limbs which leaves stubs and damages trees both large and small. When a tree is topped, it is weakened and often makes large trees unsafe. A trees life expectancy is reduced once it has been topped. Crepe myrtle trees should never be topped.

Many trees in Charlotte are protected.  Read about the City of Charlotte’s tree ordinance, as well as other planting tips and information about Charlotte's trees.