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Baoding, People's Republic of China
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Baoding (Bow-Ding) Like "Take a bow"
Sister City Relationship Established in 1987
A Middle School in BaodingKnown historically as the strategic protectorate and South Gate of Beijing, Baoding is situated 85 miles southwest of Beijing in the middle of the fertile Hebei Province in northeast China. Baoding is surrounded by the vast Baiyangdian region of lakes and rivers to the east, Hebei Province’s capital of Shijiazhuang to the west, and the Mancheng Mountain Area also to the west.
Baoding is a prefecture-level city with municipal government authority over three urban districts, four county-level cities, and 18 counties that include 10,890,000 people, though the urban center only recognizes an estimated 1,000,000 residents. In governmental matters, Baoding is treated much like the United States’ District of Columbia.
Baoding GardensThe Bohai Bay Economic Rim region that specializes in heavy industry and manufacturing is comprised of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei Province. The area has a population that constitutes about one-sixth of China’s total and contributes more than 25% of China’s total GDP. Baoding, Hebei is becoming a center for the development and manufacturing of renewable energies. Both Yingli Solar, one of the leading producers of solar technology, and the State-owned company Tianwei Wind Power have located their bases of operations in Baoding. There are also over 630 industrial enterprises mainly involved with metallurgy, machinery, chemistry, and forestry, which produce steel, transformers, paper, world-renowned hand-sculpted carpets, and, more recently, renewable energy products. Baoding agricultural products include wheat, rice, peanuts, pears, apples, and, most famously, the Manchen Snow Peach.
Baoding's history spans over 2,300 years and it has played many different roles under its rulers. It was destroyed by the Mongolian Army early in the 13th century and rebuilt later that same century under the Yuan Dynasty. It served as an important cultural center through the Ming and Qing Dynasties. During the early 1940s it served as a headquarters for the Japanese occupational armies. Attractions include the Western Tombs of the last emperors of the Qing Dynasty and Baoding's oldest park, the Lotus Pond, built in the seventh century.
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