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Hadera, Israel
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Sister City relationship declaration of intent signed in 2008

Hadera, Israel

Located along the flourishing coast of Israel, Hadera has a population of 80,000 and was established in 1891 as a farming colony. It sits on the Israeli Mediterranean Coastal Plain about 30 miles from Tel Aviv. Hadera, which means "green" in Arabic, was built on top of a swampy marshland.

Hadera has been vital to Israel’s economic strength. It is the home to the nation's first paper mill, Hadera Paper Ltd, established in 1953. The mill primarily serves businesses by packaging, corrugating, and recycling paper products into various consumer goods. Hadera also maintains Orot Rabin, Israel’s largest power station, with a total generating capacity of 2,590 megawatts. This power station provides over 60% of Israel's energy. In 2009 Hadera built the world’s largest desalination plant and similar plants will be built over the next few years to meet Israel's growing clean water demands.

Overview of the city of HaderaHadera is home to Sharon National Park, 1,500 acres of land off the Mediterranean coast preserved for natural landscape scenery. Nested between Hadera and the equally developed Netanya area, the park is a popular attraction for those wanting to take a break from the more urban areas. Other attractions include The "K'han" Museum, an Ottoman farmstead house built in 1890 that was originally the home of the first settlers of Hadera. It now serves as a cultural center.

The Hadera Water Park is home to the biggest jacuzzi on earth. The park utilizes water from a nearby power plant to create this unique experience. Currently at the park, guests can rent boats, swim, and walk along the riverbed. There are also plans to include hiking, horseback riding, and camping.

Hadera's most famous son is Gal Firdman, the first Israeli to win an Olympic gold medal. He won the Windsurfing gold medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

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