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Limoges, France
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Sister City Relationship Established 1992

City Hall Fountain, LimogesLimoges is located 229 miles southwest of Paris and is recognized worldwide for its production of fine porcelain and enamels. The population of Limoges is approximately 250,000 people. The entire region surrounding Limoges, known as Limousin, has a population of approximately 750,000 people.

People settled in the region before the rise of the Roman Empire. When the Romans came they founded the city of Augustoritum in 10 BC. Eventually, Augustorium was sacked by barbarians and the people who survived formed two separate cities. One part grew up around an ancient cathedral and became the seat of a very powerful bishop. The other city, called "Le Château," became a political center. The two cities united in 1792 to become the Limoges we know today.

The area is the homeland of the troubadours of old and the city has a rich cultural history with many museums, symphonies, and theaters that produce over 600 cultural events annually. The famous painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born at "Place de la Motte," a medieval section of Limoges. Other attractions include Roman ruins, historic churches, and botanical gardens.

Bernarduad Porcelian on Drying RacksIn 1768, the porcelain industry started to develop and many of the residents became employed in the porcelain sector, or in similar jobs such as lumbering. The discovery of Kaolin, a rich, fine white clay used in making porcelain, spurred this growth in industry. Today, over 50 percent of all porcelain made in France comes from Limoges. Other industries in the city and the region include ceramics, industrial ceramics, electronics, paper, leather, and beef cattle.

The University of Limoges was founded in 1968 and is home to the Center for Sports Law and Economics, the only one in the world. Sports are very popular, and the city is particularly proud of its basketball club, CSP Limoges, which won the European Champions Cup in 1993.

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