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Voronezh (Воронеж), Russia
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Voronezh, Russia 
Sister City Relationship Established 1991
Voronezh, the center of the famous Black Earth Region, is situated in southwestern Russia, 250 miles south of Moscow. The city lies on the banks of the Voronezh River that feeds into the Don and flows through much of European Russia. It has an advantageous location at the crossroads of important transport routes.

Voronezh has a rich and varied cultural life with five theaters, Philharmonics, a ballet troupe, museums, exhibition and concert halls, a circus, libraries, culture clubs, and classical folk groups. In addition, there are numerous creative organizations in the city, including branches of the Russian League of Writers, Composers, Artists, Architects, and Theater Men.

The city of Voronezh is prouVoronezh, Russiad of its educational tradition. It is home to more than 30 institutions of higher education and numerous research and development institutes. Voronezh State University is the third largest university in Russia. Students make up 15% of the city’s population and a lot of them come from countries outside of Russia.

Voronezh is a major industrial center of the Black Earth Region that exports products to 30 countries around the world. It is ranked 14th in the gross production list of Russian city economies. The leading industries include radio electronics, mechanical engineering, aircraft, chemical, agriculture and foodstuffs, machinery, and production of building materials.

Voronezh was founded as a city-fortress in 1586. In 1696, Tsar Peter the Great built the empire’s first naval fleet in the town shipyard, thereby strengthening the city’s economic and cultural ties with Russia and the rest of Europe. During his reign, Voronezh turned into a large trade and administrative center in southwestern Russia. By the end of 18th century, the region acquired agricultural importance and the town became involved in the processing industry. At the beginning of the 20th century, Voronezh was populated by about 61,000 people and there were 47 plants and factories. During World War II the city was badly destroyed, but by 1960 Voronezh had reached its pre-war status and since then it has kept growing. Today, with a population of over one million people, Voronezh is an important scientific, industrial, educational, and cultural center of Russia.

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