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Police complaint review program

Community Relations' police complaint review program assists citizens who would like to make an allegation of officer misconduct by providing them an alternative for registering their complaints. The police department and Community Relations encourage any citizen who believes he or she has a valid grievance to file a report. You can report alleged police misconduct either directly with CMPD's Internal Affairs Division, or through the CRC.  

How the process works (text-only version)

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 * If the complaint is sustained against an officer, the Chief of Police or his/her designee takes the proper corrective measures, which range from verbal or written reprimands to a recommendation  for dismissal. If the officer disagrees with the discipline given to him or her, the officer can appeal CMPD's decision to the Civil Service Board. Only the Civil Service Board, which is the appeal arm for sworn officers, can dismiss an officer who has completed his/her probationary period. Officers are notified of the outcome of the disciplinary hearing and, if warranted, any resulting disciplinary action.   

File a complaint against a CMPD police officer

Submit an appeal to the Citizens Review Board​


About the Citizens Review Board
The Charlotte City Council created the Citizens Review Board (CRB) in 1997 to review appeals from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's disposition of citizen complaints involving the following:

  • Certain types of alleged misconduct by a police officer; or
  • The discharge of a firearm by an officer that results in injury or death.
The CRB serves only in an advisory capacity to the Chief of Police, the City Manager and the City Council. The CRB itself cannot take disciplinary action against a police officer or award damages to an injured citizen. The CRB only can advise the Chief of Police and the City Manager when it becomes clear to the CRB that the disciplinary decision of the police department was a serious mistake.

The CRB is made up of 11 members who are appointed by the Mayor (three), the City Manager (three) and City Council (five). All CRB members are unpaid volunteers who give their time to this process. At least six CRB members must be present at any meeting or hearing for the CRB to act. The CRB is assisted by staff from the City Clerk's Office and by an attorney.