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Eastwoods Neighborhood Improvement Project

This project will provide infrastructure improvements such as sidewalk, curb, gutter and drainage improvements.

What's happened? 
Construction is complete.  Sidewalk has been constructed along Dwightware Boulevard and Shackleford Terrace as well as a small section on Old Meadow. Manchester Lane was repaired and resurfaced.
What's next? 
Trees will be planted in the City's right-of-way along Dwightware Boulevard and Shackleford Terrace during the 2015/2016 planting season.  The tree locations will be flagged prior to planting.  If you have a conflict with the flag placement please contact the project manager. 

Who to contact? Project Manager, Lamar Davis, 704-336-6006

A 2010 Neighborhood Bond Project

Eastwoods is a 2010 Neighborhood Bond Project which will provide infrastructure improvements to Shackleford Terrace, Dwightware Boulevard and Old Meadow Road.

The map below highlights the streets where work will be done:

  • Dwightware Boulevard – The street will be narrowed to include two 11’ travel lanes with a 4’ planting strip, 5’ sidewalk, asphalt resurfacing and storm drainage improvements. Street trees will be planted where possible.
  • Shackleford Terrace – The street width will be narrowed to two 12’ travel lanes with a 4’ planting strip, 5’ sidewalk, asphalt resurfacing and storm drainage improvements. Street trees planted where possible.
  • Old Meadow Road – Complete the gap in sidewalk across from Central Drive and petition for three-way stop sign at Dwightware Boulevard intersection.
  • Manchester – Asphalt resurfacing.

Many residents have asked to view the design plans.  Click on the link below to see plans that will be used during the Construction Phase. Minor changes may occur during this phase.
Final design plans

Cost:  $2,200,000
Please note that this is the NIP funding amount.  Additional funding may be identified after the planning phase.  Project costs typically include all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping. 

The Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) project team will manage the Eastwoods project through a four stage process.  Click here to learn more about how City projects are selected, designed and built.

Project Contacts

  • Lamar Davis, Engineering Project Manager, 704-336-6006
  • Eugene Bradley, Neighborhood Development