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Pawtuckett Phase 1

This 2010 Bond Project will upgrade infrastructure and revitalize the neighborhood.

What's happened?
The project team selected Armstrong Glen as the planning and design engineer. Click on the links below to view minutes from the public meetings:

The bid phase is complete.

Additional communication:
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What's next?
Construction is complete. The warranty phase will extend through January 2016.  Landscaping is complete and its warranty phase will extend through April 2016.

Who to contact? Kristie Kennedy, 704-336-6194.

A Neighborhood Improvement Project

Voters approved funding for neighborhood improvement projects including the Pawtuckett neighborhood. Phase 1 area is bounded by to the north by Moores Chapel Road, to the east by Little Rock Road, to the south by Robert L. Smith District Park, and to the west by Pawtuckett Road and Sullins Road.   A future Phase 2 is bounded by Robert L. Smith District Park to the north, Little Rock Road to the east, I-85 to the south and I-485 to the west.

Improvements include:

  • sidewalks, curb & gutter, storm drainage, asphalt paving and driveway aprons

  • sewer and water line upgrades

The plans will be based on safety, cost, benefits, traffic analysis and an extensive public involvement process. Construction of this project is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.


  • To improve the quality of life for the Pawtuckett neighborhood
  • To upgrade infrastructure to revitalize the neighborhood

Cost:   $3,400,000
Please note this figure includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping. 

The process for designing and building infrastructure projects like Pawtuckett is completed in four distinct phases. Click here to learn  more about how City projects are built.

Project Contacts