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Why Attend A Public Meeting?

Public information meetings give nearby citizens the change to voice their opinions on projects being built in their neighborhoods.  Public meetings are a  key component of  the planning process.

Conducted by Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) staff and their consultants, public information meetings determine concerns of nearby citizens and businesses  impacted by the project.  Citizen attendance is critical to the success of the project.

Public information meetings are typically held at schools and churches in the vicinity of where the project is being built. 

Citizens are notified in advance of the date, time and place of the public meeting by project newsletters, postcards, newspaper/ radio/ television news stories, the web events calendar, The Government Channel bulletin board and/or various programs. 

Public Meeting

The public meetings are attended by City staff from E&PM, Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Commission and the Charlotte Department of Transportation.  They are there to  receive input from concerned citizens and answer any questions.

Preliminary and final project plans are presented at public meetings so citizens can see exactly what is being planned in their neighborhood and how property will be affected.

While staff utilizes the most current engineering and safety practices, traffic studies, accident reports and environmental reports to plan and design a project such as a new road or road-widening project, there is a need for input from the public.

Neighborhood preferences, local context, current conditions and issues or problems the neighborhood help planners and engineers develop more efficient and useful solutions.  Involving the community in determining how these projects will look and operate is a City Council priority. 

All of Charlotte's citizens benefit from local roads, sidewalks, bicycle facilities, transit and other public investments in the community.  Through the public input process, City staff and citizens can work together to maintain the growth and vitality of the community.

For more information on what meetings are planned check the events calendar, located in the upper right hand corner of each page.