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East Boulevard Pedscape - Phase 2

East Boulevard Pedscape
This project improves pedestrian safety and pedestrian comfort levels along the corridor to complement pedestrian oriented land uses. It also improves the corridor for all users: bicycles, pedestrians, motorists and transit users.

What's happened? 
Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2006.  This included converting East Boulevard from four lanes to three lanes (from Scott Avenue to Kings Drive). Phase 2 of construction was completed in August 2010. Landscaping was completed in December 2010.

Who to contact:  Sharon Buchanan, 704-336-2044

Thank you for your patience throughout construction of the East Boulevard Pedscape project.  Construction is complete.  Landscape crews finished installing plants and trees in the medians in December.  Additionally, some fill-in trees were planted in the planting strips.

Phase 2 public involvement began in May 2008 and concluded in February 2009. Through the process, a final concept plan was developed with input and support from the Dilworth Community Development Association, adjacent churches, businesses and Dilworth residents.

The purpose of the East Blvd Pedscape, Phase 2 Project is to complete the implementation of public infrastructure recommendations of the "East Boulevard Pedscape Plan", adopted by City Council in 2002.  The document may be viewed by clicking the following link:  http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Land%20Use%20Planning/EastBlvdPedscapePlan.pdf

The pedscape plan is the product of more than one year of work beginning in the fall of 2000, by residents, property and business owners, developers, the Dilworth Community Development Association (DCDA), the Historic District Commission, elected officials, and City Staff.  This effort included five public meetings.  Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2006.

Phase 2 Objectives:

    • Convert East Boulevard from 4 lanes to 3 lanes including a center turn lane, bike lanes and parking.  
    • Install pedestrian refuge medians with landscaping at each intersection.  
    • Install bulb-outs at intersections to reduce pedestrian crossing distance.
    • Maintain left-turn access to all driveways.

Click here to view FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

East Boulevard Pedscape Design Sketch
Click here to view design sketches from the East Blvd Pedscape 2 project.

Cost:  $1,300,000
Please note this is the funding amount and includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping.  Additional funding may be identified after the planning phase.

The Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) project team managed the East Boulevard Pedscape Project through a four stage process. Click here to learn how City projects are selected, designed and built.
Project Contacts:
Sharon Buchanan, PE, Engineering Project Manager, 704-336-2044
Tom Sorrentino, PE, Charlotte Dept of Transportation, 704-336-3934