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Nevin Road Extension

Nevin Road
This 2004 Transportation  Bond Project connects two existing pieces of Nevin Road.

What's happened?
City staff worked with DRMP consultants to plan and design the project which was completed in 2005.  Right of way and property easements were acquired ad construction began in summer 2007.

What's next?
Construction is complete. A traffic signal was installed at Nevin and Mallard Creek in conjunction with the ribbon cutting ceremony that took place on September 20. Landscaping is in the bid phase and will begin in November.

Who to contact? Derrell Poole, 704-353-1794.


A 2004 Transportation Bond Project

This project will connect two existing pieces of Nevin Road on new location.  The project will extend from the existing intersection of Nevin Road at Sugar Creek Road to the intersection of Mallard Creek Road and Nevin Road.


  • Meet future traffic demands
  • Reduce traffic congestion on Sugar Creek Road
  • Improve safety for all modes of travel, including bicycles and pedestrians
  • Preserve and enhance the local community
Nevin Road Map

Cost:  $2,975,000

Please note that the project cost will include all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping.  
The Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) project team managed the Nevin Road Extension Project through a four stage process. Click here to learn more about how City projects are selected, designed and built. 
The plan for Nevin Road was based on safety, cost, benefits, traffic analysis and a public involvement process.  This public involvement process allowed citizens and nearby businesses to provide input at public meetings.  The first public meeting (combined with Sugar Creek Project) was held on May 1, 2003.  Preliminary Design began in early 2004.

Project Contacts:

Derrel Poole, Engineering Project Manager, 704-353-1794
Mike Davis, P.E., Transportation Project Manager, 704-336-3938

Photo of Nevin Road project
Nevin Construction photo