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Pete Brown Road Extension

Pete Brown Road

Phase 1
will extend the existing road to Fox Point Drive providing a second entrance and exit for the Oakbrooke Neighborhood.
Phase 2 will improve existing road from NC 115 to Tarpway Drive and add a signal at the intersection of NC115.  
What's happened? The real estate acquisition and bid processes for Phase 1 are complete.

What's next? Construction on Phase I will begin September 2 and be completed by December 2014.  Asphalt paving will likely take place in spring 2015 due to cold weather restrictions.  Phase II plans have been submitted to Norfolk Southern for review and comment. 

Who to contact:  Alan Morrison, Project Manager 704-336-7266

Street Connectivity Program Projects

This transportation project will extend Pete Brown Road from its dead end to Fox Point Drive.

Objectives for Pete Brown:
  • Provide a second entrance and exit for the Oakbrooke Neighborhood at an existing median opening allowing left in and left out access.
  • Improve response time for Charlotte Fire.
  • Improve connectivity within neighborhood. 
  • Add signal at intersection of NC 115 and Pete Brown. 

Pete Brown: Phase 1 is from the dead end to Fox Point. Phase 2 is from NC115 to Tarpway Drive. 

    Click here to view vicinity map of Pete Brown.

Cost:  To Be Determined
Please note that the project cost will include all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right-of-way, utility relocation, design fees, construction, signalization, landscaping and permits.

The Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) project team will manage the Pete Brown Project through a four stage process. Click here  to learn how City projects are selected, designed and built.
Project Contacts:
Alan Morrison, PE, Engineering Project Manager, 704-336-7266
Matt Magnasco, PE, Transportation Project Manager, 704-336-3368