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Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual (CLDSM)
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(Includes Charlotte ETJ unless specified otherwise)

The Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual is a dynamic document, which is updated periodically and it is the responsibility of the user to make sure the most recent standards are being specified. To assist you, it is recommended that you select the "Notify Me" link on this page to receive appropriate notification of revisions. The current manual is available via download only from this website. Hardcopies or CDs of the Standards Manual are no longer available from the City. 

The standards contained in this manual are approved by the City Engineer for use in the City of Charlotte and ETJ, unless otherwise noted on the individual details.


Proposed Revision No. 13 to the CLDSM available for review & comment:
Effective Date - July 31, 2015

The Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual (CLDSM) committee has determined that updates are required to various CLDSM details, one new detail has been created, and some details are being removed from the manual.  The proposed revisions are available in a single PDF for review and comment here:

Proposed CLDSM revision 13 - DRAFT.pdf

A Revision Log is included that lists changes, and the proposed revisions are highlighted on each draft detail.  We welcome your feedback!  Prior to the proposed effective date of July 31, 2015, please provide any questions or comments on the proposed changes via e-mail to Brendan Smith, Land Development Division at bmsmith@charlottenc.gov


Complete Current Effective Manual - Revision No. 12, July 15, 2014:

Complete CLDSM Manual for Printing​

Individual Sections for on-line viewing or printing: 

Table of Contents
Revision Log
Specifications and Special Provision Notes (text portion of manual)


1000 Miscellaneous Infrastructure Standards
USDG Standards for Urban Street Design**
1100 Street Section Details
2000 Storm Drain Standards
2100 Stormwater BMP Details
3000 Erosion Control Standards
4000 Tree Standards
5000 Miscellaneous Standards


** Please use USDG standards for street design on new projects submitted after 12/20/2010

    AutoCAD Detail Drawings - Download AutoCad files of all of the CLDSM details.

    Please Note:
      Any variations from the standard details shown herein shall be by special details shown on the project plans and are subject to approval by the City Engineer. Special details shall be conspicuously noted as "Modified" and the City of Charlotte logo and references to standard numbers shall be removed.




    CDOT Work Zone Traffic Control Notes 
    CDOT Sight Distance Policy (2003)​
    Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH) 
    CDOT Pavement Marking Standards Contact Gus Jordi, CDOT, at 704-336-7086 for more information.
    CDOT Road Hump Detail and Specifications
    Cross-Section Guidelines NCDOT/Charlotte/Mecklenburg County (updated Jan. 2009)
    NCDOT Roadway Standard Drawings Library
    NCDOT Subdivision Roads Minimum Construction Standards Manual
    2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) 

    CATS Bus Stop Details
    City of Charlotte Landscape Construction Standards

    NCDWQ Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual
    NCDENR Erosion & Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual 
    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Design Manual
    Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Design Manual

    For questions or comments concerning the Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual, please contact Land Development Customer Service at 704-336-6692, or send e-mail to bmsmith@charlottenc.gov.