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Surveying & Mapping
Engineering & Property Management's Survey and Mapping section provides all surveying services needed by the City with the exception of water and sewer surveying which is performed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities.  Surveying is performed to provide base maps, City-limit lines and descriptions, topographic maps, City property boundaries, right-or-way limits, GIS-based maps, and horizontal and vertical controls for road and streets.  This section also operates the City's Map Room which serves internal customers.  Public map sales were consolidated under Mecklenburg County mapping in 1995.

The Mecklenburg County Map Counter is located at the Hal Marshall Building, 700 N. Tryon Street.  (704-432-6963)  The following items may be purchased there:

  • City topographic maps
  • City floodway topographic maps
  • Official City street maps
  • Tax maps
  • Storm drainage topographic maps
  • Zip code maps
  • Imminent transportation project maps
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Thoroughfare maps
  • The 1877 Beers maps of downtown Charlotte
  • Central business district maps 
Contact Information:
Surveying & Mapping
David Snider