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Acquisition Section
The Acquisition Section staff acquires property needed for construction of City projects.  The staff is licensed and certified in right-of-way acquisition to acquire property for ongoing projects.

​The Acquisition Section:

  • Reviews all city project plans and maps for accuracy
  • Meets with all property owners to explain the impact of a City Project on their property
  • Negotiates “just compensation” for the taking of an owner’s property
  • Collaborates with City Departments to resolve the owner’s concerns about the project
  • Determines when the application of Eminent Domain to a "property taking" is necessary
  • Prepares all property transactions for City Council approval

Acquisition staff acquire property for City projects like Fred D. Alexander Boulevard.
​Acquisition staff interacts with the public on a daily basis, making sure their rights are protected. Their overarching goal is balancing the best interests of the City and its taxpayers with those of the individual property owner impacted by public projects.
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Key Contact:
Charles Anzalone, Real Estate Acquisition Manager, 704-621-1093