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Community Safety Focus Area

"Charlotte will be the safest large city in America through citizen and local government partnerships."

Current meetings, agendas and summaries

 FY2015 Community Safety Focus Area Plan

The City of Charlotte will be the safest large city in America, a community in which citizens feel safe in areas where they live, work and spend their leisure time.
Citizens in a safe community have confidence that:

  • Their public safety agencies will proactively identify and address issues related to crime, disorder and personal safety.
  • The Police and Fire Departments will have the most direct impact on public safety.
  • Other City departments, such as Neighborhood and Business Services, Engineering, Transportation and Planning also have a role in creating safe and strong neighborhoods.

photo of community police officer and kids

City Council Involvement
Work on this Focus Area is directed by the Community Safety Committee. The committee meets regularly to discuss community safety issues before presenting them to the full City Council for debate and decision. Committee members include:

  • Claire Fallon (Chair)
  • Michael Barnes (Vice Chair)
  • Al Austin 
  • Greg Phipps 
  • Kenny Smith 
  • Eric Campbell, Asst. City Manager, Staff Resource

View the meeting agendas and meeting summaries.

Policing Strategy
The City Council supports the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department's (CMPD) policing strategy which focuses on crime and disorder at the neighborhood level. 

  • Police staffing plans promote high visibility throughout all of the Department's 39 response areas,
  • Response Area Teams which serve each of the 39 response areas, are responsible for crime reduction in their assigned areas and the engagement of the community as partners in keeping neigh neighborhoods safe.
  • Each team develops enforcement strategies specific to their area that target both crime and chronic offenders.
  • The Teams work closely with specialized police units to address criminal issues such as gangs, assaults, drugs and firearms.

One of the ways that police build trust and confidence is through a diverse workforce. CMPD is committed to recruiting strategies that result in a more diverse workforce that is proactive in community engagement and quality customer service.

Collaboration and partnerships are critical in making Charlotte the safest large city in America.

  • Police partner with a variety of public and private agencies in a holistic approach to crime and disorder issues.
  • Police work closely with Neighborhood & Business Services staff through the Code Enforcement and Neighborhood areas to address conditions that increase criminal activity and to implement strategies that ultimately strengthen and empower neighborhoods.
  • CMPD also partners with other city and county agencies as well as other members of the Criminal Justice System in a proactive effort to prevent crime before it happens.

Reduce Loss of Life and Property Damage
A safe community also requires that the Fire Department play a major role in reducing loss of life and property damage by:

  • Proactive inspections.
  • Education programs to prevent fires and injuries.
  • Rapid response to those fires and medical emergencies that do occur.

The Fire Department also takes the lead in homeland security preparedness and works with partners around the Charlotte region to ensure that emergency personnel have the training, equipment and strategies to respond effectively to natural or man-made disasters.