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Health and Sanitation

Health and Sanitation Code Enforcement

The City of Charlotte's Health and Sanitation Ordinance requires property owners to maintain their premises in a safe and sanitary condition.  Violations include high weeds/grass, accumulation of trash or junk, and junk automobiles.  Learn more about common neighborhood nuisances.

Read the Health and Sanitation Ordinance at Municode.com (Chapter 10)
To report a potential violation of the Health and Sanitation Ordinance, submit your request online or call 311.

Inspection Process
  • Most inspections occur within three working days of reporting.

  • Property owners will be notified if a violation is found. 

  • The property owner has approximately seven days after notification to bring the property into compliance.

  • Failure to correct violations could result in any of the following actions:  issuance of citation, appearance in Environmental Court or work being done by a contractor.

  • If contracted, the owner would receive an invoice for the work performed in addition to any administrative or investigation fees. 

  • Failure to pay the invoice could result in a lien being placed against the property.

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