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Financial Partners are agencies that the City of Charlotte contracts with to provide specific services. Neighborhood & Business Services (NBS) Financial Partners fall under the realm of affordable housing, housing development and support contracts.  The following agencies represent NBS FY2014 Financial Partners:
NBS works to ensure that all of its financial partners deliver the highest quality of service and strive to meet objectives in a way that is consistent with the City of Charlotte’s mission and vision. Organizations requesting funding are required to demonstrate how services they provide are consistent with the City’s vision and mission and how their programs support the City’s strategic goals and objectives for Council’s five focus areas.
1.   Community Safety
2.   Economic Development & Planning
3.   Environment
4.   Housing & Neighborhood Development
5.   Transportation

If you have any questions regarding the Neighborhood & Business Services Financial Partner process, please contact Tenya Colemon (704-336-2019), or Patrica Mason  (704-336-3994).
Please note, Financial Partner Funding Request will be available online beginning December 4, 2013. The NBS Funding Request process will close on January 10, 2014. All agencies that wish to submit a Funding Request must have all documents completed on or before January 10, 2014. The completed Funding Request must be emailed to Tenya Colemon or mailed to:
Tenya Colemon
Neighborhood & Business Services
600 East Trade Street - Charlotte, NC 28202