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Variable Terms and Definitions Used in the Quality of Life Study
Percent of Persons over 64 - Percentage of the population that is 65 years and older.

Average Kindergarten Scores - Average achievement score was calculated for each kindergarten student at the end of the year.  These include math and verbal scores.

Dropout Rate - Percentage of high school students who dropped out of school.

Percent of Children Achieving at or above Grade Level - Percentage of seventh and eighth grade students who achieved scores at or above grade level for end of grade test. 

Percent of Births to Adolescents - Percent of children born in 2006 to women 18 years and younger.

Youth Opportunity Index - Measure of the potential opportunities for youth to get involved in extra-curricular activities within each NSA.

Violent Crime Rate - Violent crime rate in each NSA as compared with the level of violent crime in the City of Charlotte.

Juvenile Arrest Rate - Juvenile arrest rate in each NSA as compared with the juvenile arrest rate in the City of Charlotte.

Property Crime Rate - Property crime rate in each NSA as compared with the property crime rate in the City of Charlotte.

Crime Hot Spots - Proportion of a NSA that has a durable concentration of violent crime.  

Appearance Index -  Index of code violations for each NSA.

Housing Code Index - Percentage of housing units in a NSA with housing code violations.  

Home Ownership - Percentage of owner-occupied residential units.

Projected Infrastructure Improvement Costs - Estimated public construction costs for sidewalk, curb and minor drainage only, not including any funds for the repair or installation of major drainage systems. 

Percent of Persons with Access to Public Transportation - Percentage of NSA residents, who live within walking distance (1/4 mile) of public transportation, using the Charlotte Area Transit System bus stops.

Percent of Persons with Access to Basic Retail Facilities - Percentage of NSA residents that are within walking distance (1/4 mile) to a grocery store and/or a pharmacy.

Pedestrian Friendliness Index -Pedestrian friendliness based on the total length of sidewalks in each NSA compared to the total length of the streets.  Index values could rank from 0-2.0. 

Percent of Persons Receiving Food Stamps - The percent of people in a NSA receiving food stamps.

Percent Change in Income - Percentage change in median household income from 1999 to 2007 per year.  

Percent Change in House Value - Percent change in residential house value per year.