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Job Link
JobLink imageWhat is Job Link?

JobLink Centers are user-friendly facilities which provide job seekers and employers access to a variety of employment and training services all under one roof. As part of its program, JobLink Centers offer comprehensive training and employment services to the entire community.

North Carolina is developing a system of JobLink Centers so people throughout the state can make informed choices about their career and employers can make informed choices about their workforce needs.

A JobLink Career Center (JLCC) makes the best use of available resources while serving all citizens of North Carolina. Staffs work together as a team to provide a comprehensive and efficient workforce development system

Types of JobLink Centers:

To ensure adequate accessibility for all participants, there will be three types of JobLink Centers:  full service, satellite and call.

  • Full Service Centers offer a one-stop comprehensive resource for job seekers.
  • The Satellite Centers will provide some of the services but jobseekers may be referred to a full service center.
  • The Call Centers will provide initial information to jobseekers and direct them to appropriate resources.
How JobLink Can Benefit The Employer:

JobLink Career Centers offer businesses the opportunity to recruit qualified workers at one location. At the same time, centers provide employers information about the labor market, workforce and hiring incentives.

JobLink Services:

  • Job listings
  • Job placement
  • Labor market information
  • Career information and guidance
  • Assessment
  • Case management
  • Information about education and training services
JobLink Partners:
Local Charlotte-Mecklenburg JobLink Career Center partners include:

  • Charlotte Enterprise Community, Inc.
  • Employment Security Commission of North Carolina
  • Department of Community Colleges
  • Department of Health and Human Services (Social Services)
  • Job Ready (Goodwill Industries)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • City of Charlotte Employment & Business Services
These partners are working through the Workforce Development Board (WDB).  The Workforce Development Board and the City of Charlotte will be the financial distribution and oversight agency in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Area.

How JobLink Can Benefit the Workforce:

JobLink Career Centers provide job seekers a single place to address their employment and training needs. Local workforce development professionals from various partner agencies work together to provide the best service for all customers.

JobLink Career Centers offer a more convenient, efficient and effective way for all North Carolinians to look for a new or better job. During the next five years (through 2004), the Workforce Development Board plans to open a minimum of six Full Service Centers.  Currently, February 2000,  two Full Service Centers are operational.

Additional Information:

JobLink Career Centers are located at: 

  • 7140-A Forest Point Drive - Charlotte-704-565-6865
  • 10801-A Monroe Road-Charlotte-704-847-2660
  • 4045-C North Tryon Street-Charlotte-704-597-8057
  • 5125-A South Boulevard, Charlotte- 704-527-3195
  • 500 West Trade Street-Charlotte-704-342-6131
For more information visit their web site http://www.joblinkcenter.org
JobLink is part of the North Carolina JobLink Career Center System.