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Emergency Rental Assistance
The Emergency Rental Assistance Program is administered by Crisis Assistance Ministry and serves individuals and families in financial distress by preventing evictions.  The program requires the tenant to agree to a crisis resolution plan.  It also requires that the landlord not to evict the tenant.  The landlord also agrees to consider rent relief, including forgiveness of late fees.  The financial assistance amounts to a maximum of $150 per month for rent for up to 90 days (maximum of $450 per family per year).

To qualify for Emergency Housing Assistance, tenants must meet the following criteria:

Earn 80% or less of median income (with priority given to persons earning 60% or less of median income)
Live in substandard, overcrowded or unaffordable housing
On or eligible for the Charlotte Housing Authority master waiting list
Be located within the City Within A City area
Experiencing a short-term financial crisis
Priority is given to families with children under 15 years of age living in the home. 
Funding for this program is through the Innovative Housing Fund.
For more information contact:
Crisis Assistance Ministry, 704.371.3001
Rebecca Pfeiffer, 704.336.2266.