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HouseCharlotte Mortgage Services
For more information about Post Closing Account Services, contact Ron Mason at 704-336-2754 or rmason@charlottenc.gov.

Loan Payoff 

Lenders should provide the following information in their request for loan payoffs:

  • Correct spelling of both borrowers name
  • Property address
  • Payoff through date(s)
  • Submit authorization for release of information from the current account holder
  • Email address or physical mailing address for delivery of payoff statement  
Please allow 2-3 days to generate and deliver payoff.  


HouseCharlotte loans can be subordinated; traditional refinance and FHA Streamline refinance under the following conditions:
  • For rate and term only
  • Cash-Out is not allowed
  • Consolidation of debts are not allowed
  • Repayments of unsecured debts are not allowed  
Lenders should submit the following information in their request for subordination: 
  • Letter on company letterhead of your request for subordination
  • Reasons for request  
  • Borrower(s) name and address
  • New loan terms and payment details
  • Old loan terms and payment details
  • Name of the trustee for the first lien-holder
  • Name and address of closing attorney
  • Appraisal (if ordered)
  • Proposed HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  • Indication of pick-up method (in-person or registered mail)
Reverse Mortgage refinance for property with a HouseCharlotte loan will require subordination and a reverse mortgage counseling certificate in addition to the items listed above.
  • Cash-out is not allowed
  • Repayments of unsecured debts are not allowed
Reverse Mortgage refinance on property with City Rehab loan will require repayment of the loan.

Please allow 5-7days for processing.  Lenders will receive written notice of approval and closing instructions. 

Short Sale

Note: Collection of the documents below may require authorization for release of information from the seller.

When submitting your Short Sale request, please provided the following documentation:
  • First Mortgage Reduced Payoff Letter (mortgage company letterhead)
  • Documentation stating that the net funds (including amount) received from the sale of the property will not be sufficient to pay off the existing first mortgage; or itemized schedule of costs and losses
  • First Mortgage approval of or letter that the first lien holder is considering the Short Sale (mortgage company letterhead)
  • Copy of appraisal, property evaluation or comparable analysis
  • Purchase Contract for the sale of the subject property (copy)
  • HUD Approval of Short Sale (when applicable)
  • Hardship Explanation from borrower 
Please allow 10 days for processing.