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About the KCB Board

There are 20 positions on the KCB Board - 13 City Council appointed and seven Mayor appointed. Those interested in serving on the KCB Board must submit an application and are selected by City Council.

View City Council Boards and Commissions vacancies and download an application.

KCB Bylaws Adopted August 2014

FY14 Annual Report (NEW!)

FY 2013 Annual Report
FY 2012 Annual Report

Current KCB Board members:

Kelley (Web).jpg
Kelly Amundson


Melvin Jewett
Scott Adams
Vice Chair

Camille Cunningham


Vineta Pritchard Web 2.jpg
Vineta Pritchard
Board Member

Francene Greene Web.jpg
Francene Greene
Board Member
Kimberly Higgins
James Hildreth
Board Member

Audrey Singer.jpg
Audrey Singer
Board Member

Russ (Web).jpg 
Russ Ferguson
Board Member

Josh Arnold.jpg
Joshua Arnold
Board Member

Teresa Rosa-Corey.jpg
Theresa Rosa-Corey
Board Member

Kimberly Higgins
Janie Sumter
Board Member


Kimberly Higgins
Christina Tierce
Board Member


Ann Wood
Board Member
Michael Zytkow
Board Member
Kimberly Higgins ​
Deborah Robinson

Board Member

Tiffany Hughes.jpg
Tiffany Hughes

Board Member

Josh Middleton.jpg
Josh Middleton
Board Member