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City and County Attorneys Announce End to Baseball Lawsuits
Monday, January 14, 2013

City of Charlotte
Bob Hagemann, City Attorney
Mecklenburg County
Marvin Bethune, County Attorney
704-377-1634 (222)

Jerry Alan Reese has ceased all efforts to stop the construction of a minor league baseball stadium in Center City Charlotte. This decision comes after Superior Court Judge W. David Lee indicated that he was prepared to award sanctions against Reese after dismissing his sixth and seventh lawsuits targeting the project. 
In a settlement accepted by County Attorney Marvin Bethune and City Attorney Bob Hagemann on behalf of Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte, Reese agreed to drop his appeal in these two lawsuits and to dismiss an eighth lawsuit. Reese also agreed not to file any more lawsuits related to the baseball stadium. 
Reese filed his first two lawsuits in 2007 after the County and City entered into agreements with each other and the Charlotte Knights that would facilitate the construction of a privately owned AAA minor league baseball stadium. These and three subsequent lawsuits were ultimately dismissed by the trial court and affirmed on appeal. 
After Judge Lee dismissed Reese’s sixth and seventh lawsuits, the County and City asked the judge to issue sanctions against Reese on the grounds that these last two lawsuits were frivolous, filed for an improper purpose, and sought to relitigate issues that had already been decided by the court.
“While we certainly respect our citizens’ right to challenge governmental decisions in court when there is a legitimate legal claim, we believe that Mr. Reese finally crossed the line,” Bethune said.
Speaking to the consequences from Reese’s actions, the City attorney agreed.
“There is no doubt that Reese’s lawsuits caused a significant delay in the joint City and County goal of bringing the Knights to Center City Charlotte,” Hagemann said. “But we are pleased that this matter is finally concluded and that the decisions of our elected leaders will now be carried forward.”