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About Us

The Planning Commission

  • Advises City Council and the Board of County Commissioners on short-and long-range land use and design plans and general planning matters including zoning, land development, transportation/transit, economic development and community facilities.
  • Interacts with other local boards and commissions such as the Board of Education, Charlotte Center City Partners, the Charlotte Housing Authority, the Park and Recreation Commission, and the Historic District Commission.
  • Serves as a resource to a number of City and County departments in a wide range of coordinated planning efforts such as housing, transportation/transit, community facilities, annexation, demographics, GIS mapping, parks and open space, general zoning, and land development activities.
  • Works with regional, state, and federal agencies to assure consistency among their plans, policies and programs.
  • Interacts with local interests and neighborhood groups to assure a high degree of public awareness of and participation in planning processes.

The Staff

  • Serves a dual role of supporting the Planning Commission while also acting as a resource to City and County governments. 
  • Provides collaborative preparation, maintenance, and implementation of land use plans.
  • Coordinates the rezoning process and approves subdivision and multi-family plans.
  • Provides information and research assistance to the public and other agencies through presentations and the publication of a variety of reports, maps and documents. 
  • Coordinates transportation/transit planning and its relationship to land use planning and provides support to the Mecklenburg Union Metropolitan Planning Organization (MUMPO).
  •  Assesses the need for capital improvements in terms of adopted plans and policies and coordinates the annexation process.
  • Assists with area economic development efforts through corridor revitalization planning, research and demographic data analysis.
  • Provides administrative support to the Historic District Commission.
  • Evaluates urban design in plan preparation and review of development proposals.  

Planning Commission Appointments
The City Council appoints five members, the Mayor appoints two members and the Board of County Commissioners appoint seven members. One of the City Council's and one of the Board of County Commissioners' appointments are recommended by the Board of Education. Commissioners are appointed for three-year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms.


Planning Commission Structure
The Planning Commission meets as a full body each month to make policy decisions and to receive committee status reports. The Commission is divided into two major working committees: the Zoning Committee and Planning Committee. Most of the Commission's business is conducted through these committees. Membership on the two committees rotates to allow commissioners to serve on both during their tenure.  

The Zoning Committee makes recommendations concerning rezonings, special use permits, and subdivision variances and appeals. The members are required to attend the City and County rezoning hearings.

The Planning Committee develops recommendations on land use, urban design, transportation and other policy plans and on ordinance text amendments.


Regular Meeting Schedule
Meetings are held monthly at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (600 E. Fourth Street).  Please call the Planning Commission office at 704-336-2205 to verify meeting times and location. 

Joint Work Session:  1st Monday, Noon
Rezoning Public Hearing:  3rd Monday, 6:00 pm
Planning Committee: 3rd Tuesday, 5:00 pm
Zoning Committee: 4th Wednesday, 4:30 pm

(Schedule is Subject to Change due to Holidays, etc.  
Visit our Events (Meeting) Calendar for updated information)

All official meetings of the Planning Commission and its committees are open to the public under the North Carolina open meeting laws. Copies of all minutes are part of the public record and are available at the Planning Commission office.




For more information regarding the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission contact:
Cheryl Neely
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202