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2015 Master Plan Goals

Economic Development
Pursue a diverse economy that is adaptable to the changing global environment and provides quality jobs for an urban population.
- Make government the model of best business practices.
- Provide the infrastructure and facilities that support economic growth.
- Provide superior educational and training opportunities.
- Enable Charlotte-Mecklenburg to compete for relocating businesses.
- Make Charlotte-Mecklenburg a safer community.

Develop a transportation system that offers choices in travel modes.
- Support incremental development of a fixed guideway (transit) system.
- Improve and expand existing roads to better accommodate all travel modes and all segments of the population.
- Integrate bicycling into the planning, design and construction of transportation facilities.
- Provide facilities to make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to walk.
- Improve, expand and integrate airport facilities to meet mobility and economic needs.

Reduce crime throughout the community.
- Maintain the existing housing stock and build a variety of housing types.
- Encourage innovation in neighborhood design and development.
- Reinvest in neighborhoods to enhance their character and vitality.

Make schools integral participants in planning for our community's future.Develop a comprehensive, long-range public schools facilities plan.
- Develop a comprehensive educational services plan.
- Provide education, training and re-training opportunities to prepare citizens to compete in a global marketplace.

Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Provide more parks, recreation and open space resources throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
- Update the Parks Master Plan and coordinate with surrounding jurisdictions.

Land Use and Urban Design
Develop Charlotte as a unique and attractive urban center of the region.
- Provide for a more geographically balanced growth pattern within Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
- Promote higher design quality in development.

Build regional and local concurrence to coordinate land use, transportation, utility and environmental planning and public service delivery in the metro region.

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For more information regarding the 2015 Plan contact:
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department
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