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2nd Ward Neighborhood Plan

Guiding Principles:
To create a memorable Second Ward Neighborhood, future development, as well as funding initiatives and improvements, will be guided by these principles:

 a. Housing: Neighborhood housing should be designed with the same richness and diversity as its community. Varied and distinguishable design will solidify the neighborhood with a personality, rather than losing it with a mono-stylistic, "big project" approach.

b. Neighborhood Parks & Open Space: A carefully designed series of varied neighborhood parks and connecting open spaces will provide an organizing element that will create a sense of order and hierarchy for a more memorable neighborhood.

c.Urban School: The inclusion in Second Ward of an urban school will act as a catalyst and will function as a memorable landmark in this distinct community. Facilities for the school can offer shared uses for community involvement after school hours.

d. Pedestrian Connections: A viable neighborhood should provide strong pedestrian connections through proposed "Green Streets" and a potential linear parks system from Second Ward to the uptown and to the adjacent neighborhoods of Dilworth, Midtown and the Morehead Commercial Corridor.

e. Neighborhood Services: Services such as retail and restaurants, can reinforce the hierarchy of public space and provide opportunities for chance meetings and planned social gatherings. 

f. Transit & Pedestrian Connections: Maintain and enhance connections to adjacent neighborhoods and to uptown to further reinforce the viability of Second Ward.



For more information regarding the Second Ward Plan contact:
Dan Thilo
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202