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Zoning Ordinance Policy Assessment Project
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The last major revision of the Charlotte Zoning Ordinance occurred in 1992. Since then, numerous amendments have occurred, new land use and pedestrian plans have been adopted, and new visions for how land should be developed have been embraced. This, along with changes in demographics, new land use types, zoning approaches, and best practices in the field, point to the need to revise and/or update the Ordinance once again.

The 2010 Diagnostic Assessment and Recommendations (see link below) is the Planning Department’s internal staff evaluation of the current Zoning Ordinance, focused on user-friendliness, organization, and formatting, but not content. It was not intended to take the place of a thorough examination of the Ordinance by an objective specialized professional consulting firm, but it was an important starting point for just such a comprehensive assessment.
Following up on this internal assessment, the Planning Department hired Clarion Associates to conduct a general assessment of the Charlotte Zoning Ordinance and to identify several zoning ordinance models for future consideration.

Clarion Associates began work in August 2012. A series of stakeholder interviews and public meetings were held in September 2012 for the consultant to gather comments and input from citizens. Follow-up stakeholder interviews were conducted in November. Citizens were also able to provide input through an online survey.

The Zoning Ordinance Policy Assessment project has now been completed. It represents an important component of a thorough planning process that may eventually lead to a comprehensive revision of the Zoning Ordinance.

Clarion’s two project reports, the Zoning Ordinance Assessment Report and Zoning Ordinance Approach Report, are currently available for public review by clicking on the links below.


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For more information regarding the Zoning Ordinance Policy Assessment Project, please contact;
Sandra Montgomery

Alan Goodwin
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department

600 East Fourth Street – 8th Floor

Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone: (704)336-2205