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2014 Cases

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Case # Applicant Name Tax
Parcel #
Address Request Decision
& Date
2014-003 Right Angle Media 113-105-01 8060 Old Dowd Road Requesting a 40 foot variance from the required 400 foot billboard spacing requirements to allow a static outdoor advertising sign or new electronic changeable face outdoor advertising sign. Granted w/ Conditions
2014-004 Pachyderm Properties LLC   171-131-18 4918 Park Rd 
Requesting two variances: (1) to eliminate the sidewalk connection to a public street and (2) to eliminate the five foot distance requirement from any exterior lot line. 
2014-005 Leah and Steven Grace 151-011-09 1320 Ordermore Ave. Requesting a variance to eliminate the required transitional setback. Granted
2014-010 James C. and Deborah E. Gardner 031-151-22 Riverside Drive Requesting a variance to allow a pier with floating dock to remain on lot with the absence of a principal structure.  
2014-015 Cotswold Homes, Buildom Inc. 227-353-67 2110 Glade Hill Road Requesting a 5.4 foot variance from the required 45 foot rear yard to allow an existing structure remain.  
2014-017 E. Anthony and Katherine Y. Thomas 177-021-36 3850 Ayscough Road Requesting a 9 foot variance from the required 45 foot rear yard to allow an existing structure remain.  
2014-018 Hickory Grove Church of God 099-273-02 5431 Hickory Grove Road Requesting a variance to reduce the width of the required 75 foot Class “B” buffer ranging from 53 feet 3 inches to 66 feet 4 inches as depicted on applicants exhibits.  
2014-019 Valaree Grier 095-022-16 1416 Brook Road Requesting a 19 foot variance from the required 35 foot rear yard to allow the construction of a 2nd floor addition to the existing nonconforming single-family structure.  

Please note, some cases are Resolved or Withdrawn before they make it to an Agenda.  That is why some Case Numbers are missing.





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