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The information below provides a list of the services and resources most commonly requested and utilized by developers and contractors.  Also included is a list of frequently asked questions, categorized by subject matter.  Click the + symbol next to the category to view the questions and answers.  If you do not find the information you are seeking, it may help to visit the links on the left navigation column to access comprehensive lists of Services, Resources, and FAQ's.  If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please contact Land Development Customer Service at 704-336-6692 or view Development Services Contact Info.

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collapse Service Subcategory : Building Permits and Code Enforcement ‎(4)
Building Permits.aspxBuilding Permits
Information on obtaining Building Permits at Mecklenburg County
Commercial Technical Assistance Center.aspxCommercial Technical Assistance Center
Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement's Commercial Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) - for answers related to commercial building questions
Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement.aspxMecklenburg County Code Enforcement
Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement (Meckpermit.com)
Residential Technical Assistance Center (RTAC).aspxResidential Technical Assistance Center (RTAC)
Residential Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) - information and technical assistance in relation to the North Carolina Building Code
collapse Service Subcategory : Business Services ‎(4)
Brownfield Assessment Grant Program.aspxBrownfield Assessment Grant Program
The City offers assistance to developers through a City-funded Brownfield Program.  The program offers matching funds for assessment and cleanup activities for properties within the Business Corridor Revitalization Area. 
Charlotte Business Resources Web Portal.aspxCharlotte Business Resources Web Portal
CharlotteBusinessResources.com - A portal to information for business owners
Connect NCDOT - Business Partner Resources.aspxConnect NCDOT - Business Partner Resources
Bringing Business and Government together with online collaboration. 
Starting a Business.aspxStarting a Business
Link to City of Charlotte Neighborhood & Business Services' website for information on starting a business.
collapse Service Subcategory : Commercial Projects ‎(4)
Commercial Plan Review.aspxCommercial Plan Review
Navigate the Commercial Plan Review process with a step-by-step guide
Expedited Review.aspxExpedited Review
Commercial development plans may qualify for submittal into the Expedited review program 
Pre-submittal Meetings.aspxPre-submittal Meetings
Schedule a Pre-Submittal meeting for a commercial development project
Urban Projects.aspxUrban Projects
Urban Projects - Special Review team and process
collapse Service Subcategory : Grading Permits and Erosion Control ‎(5)
Information on how to attend a seminar and become certified as a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Certified Site Inspector (CMCSI)
EPLAN Review.aspxEPLAN Review
City of Charlotte Land Development's Electronic Plan Review Program - Submit your Commercial site development plans and as-builts via e-mail and save paper!
Erosion Control.aspxErosion Control
City of Charlotte Erosion Control Ordinance, review and inspection program, CMCSI information, and more
Grading Permits.aspxGrading Permits
Obtain a Grading Permit for land-disturbing activity from Land Development Division
Lot Grading Plans.aspxLot Grading Plans
Information about plans and permits required for grading in subdivisions to establish house lot pads.
collapse Service Subcategory : Inspections and Hold Release ‎(3)
Building Code Inspections.aspxBuilding Code Inspections
Building code-related inspections are performed by Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement. 
Inspections and CO for Commercial Projects.aspxInspections and CO for Commercial Projects
Information on Inspections and CO Hold Release for Commercial Development Projects
Inspections and CO for Residential Projects.aspxInspections and CO for Residential Projects
Information about Inspections and CO Hold Release for Single-Family Residences and Residential Subdivisions (Includes sidewalk)
collapse Service Subcategory : Stormwater - PCCO ‎(4)
As-Built Surveys.aspxAs-Built Surveys
Information on submitting and obtaining City approval of As-Built Surveys for storm drainage and stormwater management facilities (BMPs & Detention)
Drainage Plans and Flood Studies.aspxDrainage Plans and Flood Studies
Drainage Plans and Flood Study Reviews
Post-Construction Controls Ordinance.aspxPost-Construction Controls Ordinance
Information regarding the Post-Construction Controls Ordinance at Stormwater Services' website
Stream Buffer Impact Mitigation Plan Review.aspxStream Buffer Impact Mitigation Plan Review
Stream Buffer Impact Mitigation Plans - submittal, review process, and approvals
collapse Service Subcategory : Streets, Sidewalks, and Driveways ‎(12)
City Engineering Residential CO Hold Release Request Form (includes Sidewalk).aspxCity Engineering Residential CO Hold Release Request Form (includes Sidewalk)
On-line form to request the release of a "Subdivision Single Family City Engineering Hold" on a residential property (Formerly known as Sidewalk Inspection Request)
Decorative Street Signs.aspxDecorative Street Signs
Information on the encroachment process for requests to install decorative signposts in the public right-of-way on residential streets
Driveway Permits, Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines
Fence and Wall Certificates.aspxFence and Wall Certificates
CDOT Fence & Wall Certificates - for fences or walls near or in the City Right-of-way
NCDOT Permits and Info.aspxNCDOT Permits and Info
NCDOT Permits and Info for access and construction on State-Maintained roads
Request Construction of a Sidewalk.aspxRequest Construction of a Sidewalk
A link to the CDOT website for the City Sidewalk Program & Sidewalk Retrofits
Right-of-Way Abandonment.aspxRight-of-Way Abandonment
Information regarding abandonment of Right-of-Way at CDOT's website
Right-of-way Encroachments.aspxRight-of-way Encroachments
Information regarding review and permitting of encroachments into the City Right-of-way (CDOT)
Right-of-way House Move Permits.aspxRight-of-way House Move Permits
House Move Permit information (CDOT)
Right-of-way Use Permits.aspxRight-of-way Use Permits
Right-of-Way Use Permit information (CDOT)
Street Acceptance.aspxStreet Acceptance
Street Acceptance Information
Traffic Impact Studies.aspxTraffic Impact Studies
CDOT Traffic Impact Studies
collapse Service Subcategory : Subdivisions ‎(4)
Bond Administration.aspxBond Administration
Bond Program for Developers and Builders of Subdivision streets and infrastructure
Plat Review.aspxPlat Review
Information on Subdivision Final Plat Review at Planning's website
Subdivision Review.aspxSubdivision Review
Subdivision Review at Planning's Website
Subdivision Sketch Plan Review.aspxSubdivision Sketch Plan Review
Subdivision Sketch Plan Review at Planning's Website
collapse Service Subcategory : Trees ‎(2)
Landscape Management.aspxLandscape Management
Landscape Management website - Services related to tree management, right of way maintenance, and landscape and beautification.
Trees - Urban Forestry Services.aspxTrees - Urban Forestry Services
Tree Ordinance website - Services related to Street Trees, Planting requirements & approved Trees and Shrubs, Tree Planting, Urban Forestry plan review
collapse Service Subcategory : Utilities - Water & Sewer ‎(3)
Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities website.aspxCharlotte Mecklenburg Utilities website
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities provides water and sewer service
CMU - Developer Donated Projects Process.aspxCMU - Developer Donated Projects Process
Developer Donated Projects (Water & Sewer)
CMU Engineering Division.aspxCMU Engineering Division
CMU Engineering - Capital improvement projects, Contractor Information, Developer Donated Projects, New water meter or sewer tap construction, Surveying, Temporary water service from a fire hydrant
collapse Service Subcategory : Zoning ‎(4)
Commercial Zoning.aspxCommercial Zoning
City of Charlotte Commercial Zoning Review
Historic Districts.aspxHistoric Districts
Charlotte's Historic Districts (Dilworth, Fourth Ward, Plaza-Midwood, Wesley Heights, Hermitage Court, and Wilmore)
Apply for or research rezoning petitions at Planning's website
Zoning Administration.aspxZoning Administration
Zoning Administration at Planning's Website
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expand Category : Bond Forms ‎(11)
expand Category : Checklists ‎(20)
expand Category : Fees ‎(10)
expand Category : Forms ‎(11)
expand Category : Information ‎(21)
expand Category : Manuals, Standards, and Guidance ‎(8)
expand Category : Maps ‎(2)
expand Category : Ordinances ‎(11)
expand Category : PCO, Detention & Stormwater ‎(5)
expand Category : Tree Information ‎(1)
Developers and Contractors FAQ
collapse Category : Bonds ‎(3)
Does my subdivision have an outstanding surety to cover unfinished work?
A list of the City’s active, as well as released, sureties guaranteeing the infrastructure improvements in a subdivision, can be obtained via Accela Citizen Access.  Land Development Bonds can be searched for under the Land Development portion of Citizen Access, and searches can be completed by subdivision name or bond number. 
How do I get my surety released?
Surety release/returns may be requested by completing a Final Inspection/Bond Release Request Form.  Please note, the applicable bond fee must be submitted for sureties greater than 4 (four) years from the original effective date.  The release/return will not be processed until a completed the Final Inspection/Bond Release Request Form and payment is received.  Click here for additional information on surety releases.
Who do I speak with about obtaining a contractor bond?
Contractor bonds are issued through Mecklenburg County.  Click here for additional information from Mecklenburg County. 
collapse Category : Close a Street/Sidewalk/Alley ‎(2)
  I need to temporarily close a street/sidewalk/alley for construction purposes.  How can I do that?
Requests to temporarily close any right-of-way for 30-days or less will require a temporary right-of-way use permit, which can be processed on a case by case basis by contacting Bob Staley, Chief Right-of-Way Inspector at (704) 432-1562 at no cost.  If the request of the closure is for more than 30-days, then a right-of-way lease agreement will need to be obtained and requires a fee calculated by staff based on the value of the adjacent property next to proposed closure.  Please contact Linda Poissant, Engineering Services Supervisor at (704) 336-2562 or Jeff Boenisch, Engineering Assistant at (704) 336-3888 to obtain information and/or assistance with obtaining a right-of-way lease agreement.
Who can I talk to about abandoning a street?
You can contact Linda Poissant, Engineering Services Supervisor at (704) 336-2562 or Jeff Boenisch, Engineering Assistant at (704) 336-3888 of Charlotte Department of Transportation Right-of-Way Management Section for information about the City right of way abandonment process.
collapse Category : Commercial Zoning ‎(2)
 What uses are allowed in my zoning?
To determine what uses are allowed in a particular zoning designation, please contact Ron Jones, City Commercial Zoning Reviewer, at 704-336-5059 or jrjones@charlottenc.gov.
How can I find out information on general setback, parking, buffer, and commercial use questions?
For commercial zoning inquiries regarding setback, parking, buffer and/or use, please contact Ron Jones, City Commercial Zoning Reviewer, at 704-336-5059 or jrjones@charlottenc.gov.
collapse Category : Driveways ‎(1)
Will a driveway permit be required for my commercial project?
Commercial projects will typically require at least one driveway entrance to a public street. Additional information regarding the process can be found under the driveway permits section of the Commercial Plan Review Process.
collapse Category : Hold Release (City and County) ‎(4)
How can I get a temporary CO?
City of Charlotte Land Development does not issue temporary COs.  All required work needs to be completed to the applicable City Standards prior to release of any City Engineering or Urban Forestry/Zoning CO holds.
How do I get my City Engineering /Urban Forestry CO holds released?
When construction is completed, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued by Mecklenburg County LUESA to provide official verification that the site is in compliance with current regulations and the approved plans.  The CO is issued by Mecklenburg County once all of the inspectors have released their respective holds.
 For a “City Engineering hold” on a residential property, a city site inspector will inspect the home to ensure that the drainage plan is followed, and the required, sidewalk, and trees are properly installed.  To request a City Engineering hold release on a residential property, complete a sidewalk release request form by clicking here.
For a Commercial Project Certificate of Occupancy (CO) hold release, contact the assigned Construction Inspector and Urban Forester.
For more information, see our Hold Release and CO page.
How do I get my City Engineering/Urban Forestry permit holds released?
City Engineering and Urban Forestry permit holds will be released upon the City’s approval of plans and payment of all plan review and inspection fees.  Plan review status can be obtained via Accela Citizen Access.  
If your project required City of Charlotte site approval; the city will need to release the hold on the building permit.  You must contact the City’s Development Services customer service (704-336-6692) with the 6 digit Mecklenburg county project  number so that staff can release the holds.
If you have any questions, please contact Land Development Customer Service at 704-336-6692.
Who is my inspector and how can I contact them?

This VirtualCharlotte GIS map shows Site Inspector, Urban Forester, Erosion Control Inspector and Senior Review Engineer areas and contact information. Zoom in and click on a parcel for info.  Alternatively, view the  Complete LD Staff directory.

collapse Category : Inspections ‎(2)
How do I schedule an electrical, plumbing, roof, building or home inspection?
Mecklenburg County is responsible for electrical, plumbing, building and home inspections.  For additional information or to schedule this type of inspection, please visit the Mecklenburg County website at http://webpermit.mecklenburgcountync.gov/.
What City inspections are required?
As construction progresses, the assigned Construction Inspector, Erosion Control Specialist, and Urban Forestry Specialist will periodically visit the project site to make sure that all requirements of the approved site plan and City regulations are met.  

Residential construction projects require inspections by City Land Development staff.  Prior to final approval, a City site inspector will inspect the home to ensure that the drainage plan is followed, and the required sidewalk and trees are properly installed.

Commercial construction projects also require inspections by City Site Inspectors.  Projects are inspected to ensure compliance with the approved commercial site and grading plans, rezoning conditions, and applicable Land Development Standards and Specifications.
collapse Category : Mud/Erosion/Sediment ‎(1)
Sediment or mud is being deposited on my property coming from my neighbor’s house.   What can I do?  
Report the problem to Land Development/Erosion Control at 704-336-6692 and an inspector will be sent out to evaluate the problem.
collapse Category : PCCO ‎(4)
Does my project trigger PCCO?
Typically projects that propose significant amounts of new or redeveloped Built-upon Area (BUA) will trigger PCCO.  Please consult section 18-143 through 18-145 of the Post-Construction Controls Ordinance for the standards of compliance with the PCCO.  Additional guidance can be found on Stormwater Services’ PCCO website, especially in the PCCO Flowchart.  For additional guidance, please contact the Senior Plan Review Engineer for the area where your particular project is – zoom into the project’s area on this VirtualCharlotte GIS map and click on the parcel to determine the appropriate contact’s phone number and e-mail.
Is my property grandfathered?
Sections 18-105 of the PCCO details Applicability and Jurisdiction of the PCCO as well as Exemptions and will determine if a project can be grandfathered.  For additional guidance, please contact the Senior Plan Review Engineer for the area where your particular project is – zoom into the project’s area on this VirtualCharlotte GIS map and click on the parcel to determine the appropriate contact’s phone number and e-mail.
What is considered “impervious”?
Built-upon area (BUA) means that portion of a property that is covered by impervious or partially impervious surface including, but not limited to, buildings; pavement and gravel areas such as roads, parking lots, and paths; and recreation facilities such as tennis courts (activity fields that have been designed to enhance displacement of runoff, such as compaction and grading or installation of sodded turf, and underground drainage systems for public parks and schools will be considered built-upon area.) "Built-upon area" does not include a wooden slatted deck or the water area of a swimming pool.
Where can I get details about this ordinance?
Visit the Stormwater Services PCCO website for details on PCCO.
collapse Category : Recombining/Subdividing Property ‎(1)
What is the process for subdividing/re-combining property?
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission administers the subdivision process.
collapse Category : Residential Building - Garages/Storage/Additions/Roofs/Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC ‎(4)
How can I obtain a License to do work in Mecklenburg County for any of the above?
A Business License is required to do business in Mecklenburg County. Business licenses are issued by the Business Tax Collections Office (704-336-6315).
How do I post a contractors bond?
Contractor bonds are issued through Mecklenburg County.  Additional information is available from Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement.
I want to build (above).
Residential permitting is handled Mecklenburg County.  The County’s Residential Technical Answer Center (RTAC)  can provide information and answer inquiries regarding residential permitting. 
What is a land use bond and when is a bond needed?
Persons, firms or corporations engaged in construction, installation, maintenance, alteration or repair for which a permit is required, must file a continuous surety or cash bond to guarantee payment of fees and charges as well as indemnify municipalities against loss in the performance of duties for any damage to sewer or water pipes, or streets or sidewalks in the municipality.
Anyone doing work within the corporate limits of the City of Charlotte and in Mecklenburg County is required to post a cash/surety bond.  Bond forms can be printed from the County’s web site, picked up at the County’s Revenue Collection counter at 700 North Tryon Street, or faxed if you call 704-336-3801.
collapse Category : Rezoning ‎(2)
What is the process for rezoning a piece of property?
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission administers the rezoning process.
Where can I get a copy of the approved rezoning for this property?
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission maintains a log of approved rezonings by year.
collapse Category : Signs - Permits/Sizes/Violations/Where Did Mine Go ‎(2)
How do I obtain a sign permit?  How do I check on the status of my sign permit application?
A permit is required for all signs in the City of Charlotte.  City of Charlotte Neighborhood and Business Services
issues sign permits.  To apply for a sign permit, visit the Hal Marshall Building at 700 North Tryon Street in Charlotte or call 311.  More information on Charlotte’s sign guidelines is available in the Charlotte Zoning Ordinance.
My sign has been removed, who took it?  How can I get it back?
Contact City of Charlotte Code Enforcement at 311 (704-336-7600).  More information on Charlotte’s sign guidelines is available in the Charlotte Zoning Ordinance.
collapse Category : Water/Sewer - CMUD ‎(2)
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (CMU) is responsible for establishing water and sewer connections.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (CMU) Donated Projects Team reviews plans and processes projects such as residential subdivisions and business parks that are financed by private funding sources.  The developer hires a professional engineer to design the water distribution and sanitary sewer systems.

collapse Category : What Triggers a Land Development Review/Do I Need to Submit? ‎(1)
What triggers an LD Review/Do I need to submit plans?
A review by Land Development is necessary for projects which include any of the following:
• Addition of impervious areas for new buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.
• Driveways and streets
• Storm drainage systems, detention, and storm water BMPs
• Tree planting/protection
• Grading of sites involving one acre of land disturbance (grading permit required)

In addition, Urban Forestry/Tree Ordinance and Commercial Zoning reviews are provided by the Land Development Division for following types of projects:
• Building additions over 1000 square feet
• Building additions more than 5% of the existing square footage
• Parking spaces increasing more than 10
• Building façade changes more than 10%
collapse Category : Zoning Verification Letters ‎(1)
How do I obtain a Zoning Verification Letter?
City of Charlotte Neighborhood & Business Services provides zoning verification letters and enforces the City's Zoning Ordinance.