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Commercial Plan Review Process



Prior to submittal for commercial plan review, there are a number of site specific pre-requisites that should be verified by the developer or design professional:

  • Does the site have correct zoning for proposed land use?  Visit the Zoning Administration website to obtain information regarding Zoning.  The City of Charlotte Zoning Ordinance describes the various zoning classifications.  
  • Is a Rezoning required for the property? Find more information about the rezoning process at
  • Does the proposed project require a Land Use Permit?  The Zoning Ordinance Table 9.101, Table of Uses lists what types of uses are permitted with or without a special permit. Contact Commercial Zoning with further questions.
  • Does the property need to be subdivided?    Find more info about Subdivisions at Planning Department's website.
  • Is a Floodplain Development Permit required? Mecklenburg County LUESA handles floodplain management.  To determine if your site is in a floodplain visit LUESA's flood mapping site.
  • Are wetlands or streams impacted by the project? Environmental permits from USACE/DWQ may be required.  Find out more information at North Carolina DWQ's website.



As of January 1, 2012, City of Charlotte Land Development Division requires electronic submittal of plans.  This includes commercial plan submittals as well as storm drainage and BMP/detention as-built surveys and certifications. 

Electronic Plans (EPLANs)


Submit plans and associated documents (i.e., Financial Responsibility Form, engineering design calculations, etc.) as PDF files via Accela Citizen Access.  Along with the plans, fees are required at the time of submittal and are described in the next page in this process.  Visit E&PM's EPLAN webpage for more information on how to submit electronically.   


Applications and Fees