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Welcome to Open Charlotte

The City of Charlotte believes in providing accessible data and readily available information about City operations in the spirit of transparency and open government. Open access to City data provides citizens with a higher degree of visibility into public services to enhance and sustain trust.  We believe data and information can inform decision-making, not only internally but also externally with citizens and partner agencies – essentially serving as a catalyst for dialog that leads to an engaged community. 

Providing access to data exposes high-growth entrepreneurial and job opportunities for application developers, engineers and designers. Our vision is that essential and unbiased information is available and useable by all. To learn more about open data, watch the McKinsey & Company video here.

Use this site as the springboard into Charlotte’s Open Data Portal where you can:

  • View data and information in tables and maps
  • Download data for research and analysis
  • Connect to machine-readable data services for data-driven applications

What to Expect

Data and related information services provided through this site is subject to change and grow.

Stay connected, and sign up to receive updates and changes by using the Notify Me icon located at the top right of the page.