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Youth Homes, Inc.

Emergency Placement and Assessment (Temporary Foster Care)

Provides temporary foster care for females ages 10-17 involved in elinquent/undisciplined behavior. Efforts are made to develop positive adult-youth relationships and to begin teaching appropriate social skills both proactively and as part of addressing inappropriate behavior. If assessment and service planning are requested, the functioning of referred youth will be assessed for the presence of significant risk factors associated with delinquency. Appropriate treatment and support services will be put into place as indicated in the service plan.

Emergency Placement and Assessment (Temporary Shelter).

Provides temporary shelter for males ages 10-17 involved in delinquent/undisciplined behavior.

Crisis and Supportive Foster Care (Specialized Foster Care).

Provides temporary foster care for youth who are at risk of re-offending, removing them from negative peer, family and community settings where it is easier to stabilize their behavior and assess youth and family needs. Efforts are made to develop positive adult-youth relationships, teach appropriate social skills and involve the youth in positive social and recreational activities while monitoring youth behavior, rewarding appropriate behavior and consistently disciplining for inappropriate behavior.

Second Wind Group Home (Residential Group Home).

This program teaches youth the social skills they need for successful family and community living. Use of skills is motivated by making access to privileges contingent upon skill use. Parents have 24 hour on-call support from program staff while the youth is home on visits. Youths earn and lose privileges in the treatment home based upon behavior at home and vice-versa. Parents are taught the skills necessary to continue this once the youth returns home. Parent-youth relationships are improved through family counseling, further motivating appropriate behavior. Youth involvement in positive interest activities is encouraged and parents are taught to encourage and support this.

Multi-Systemic Therapy (Home Based Family Services).

This program serves youth who are at risk of re-offending and/or out-of-home placement. Mental health professionals facilitate client and family development of strength-based problem and conflict resolution skills, guide and support the youth in identifying and becoming involved in prosocial activities as well as teaching the family to encourage and support this involvement, improve parent-youth relationships to motivate the youth to cooperate with parental expectations, and teach parents skills for teaching, monitoring and motivating their youth's use of social skills which will allow him/her to be successful at home, in school, and in the community.

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