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Do I Need an Air Quality Permit?
In Mecklenburg County, facilities that emit one or more regulated air pollutants are likely to need an air quality permit prior to construction. Examples of those sources include boilers, generators, incinerators, chemical processing or storage operations, coating or painting operations, and material (sand, gravel, etc.) handling.

Mecklenburg County Air Quality (MCAQ) will provide assistance in assessing your need for a permit. A Permit Applicability Questionnaire Form has been created to help you survey your facility's operations for the purpose of identifying the most common emission source types. The form can be used to provide MCAQ with basic information needed to determine whether permitting is necessary.

It is important to note that the questionnaire does not solely determine whether your facility is exempt from air permitting. The form is not all-inclusive of permitted activities or industry types and additional information may be requested by MCAQ. Call an Air Quality Specialist at 704-336-5430 for questions or assistance in completing the form.

Submit the completed Permit Applicability Questionnaire Form to:

Mecklenburg County Air Quality
700 North Tryon St., Suite 205
Charlotte, NC 28202

If it is determined that your facility needs a permit, MCAQ will provide you with the proper application forms and information necessary to obtain the permit.

MCAQ Permit Applicability Questionnaire.doc

MCAQ Permit Applicability Questionnaire.pdf

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