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Environmental Assistance Resources

Environmental Assistance Office for Small Business
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
The Environmental Assistance Office provides non-regulatory, free, client-confidential pollution prevention assistance to small businesses in the greater Charlotte region.  The office provides timely assistance for pollution prevention planning, onsite technical assistance, information on industry-specific, waste-specific pollution prevention activities, and technologies.

Office of Small Business Ombudsman
Hotline: 1-877-623-6748
The Ombudsman office is an independent, non-regulatory office within the NC Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources.  It provides free technical assistance to small businesses on air quality and related environmental requirements.

Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
NC Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources
The Pollution Prevention Program provides industries and businesses with free, non-regulatory technical assistance on methods to reduce waste.  The office offers on-and off-site technical assistance, access to an information clearinghouse, and matching funds for pollution prevention costs.

U.S. EPA Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse
The clearinghouse provides technical, policy, programmatic, legislative, and financial information.  The PPIC also operates the pollution prevention electronic information exchange system (PIES) bulletin board, and maintains a telephone hotline for pollution prevention document orders and reference calls.

List of Environmental Consultants
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