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Transportation Facility Permitting

A "Transportation Facility” (Facility) is any facility which is or may be an air pollution source and includes, but not limited to parking lots, parking decks, and any other facility which will result in increased emissions from motor vehicles.  Construction or modification of a “Facility” may result in an  ambient air quality standard being exceeded and may require issuance of a “Transportation Facility Permit” (TFP).

Transportation Facility Permitting Process

TFP Forms and Guidance Documents

TFP Models and Resources



NCDENR TFP Guidance 

MOVES2010b Vehicle Emission Factors

Mecklenburg County TFP Guidance 

MOVES2010b Input Files via email request

Application Form T1 - General Facility Information (pdf) (word)

PAL2.1 Parking Decks & Surface Lots

Application Form T2 – Technical Information (pdf) (word)

CAL3QHC - Roadways &  Intersections

Mecklenburg County Zoning Determination Form

Mecklenburg Background Carbon
Monoxide (CO) Concentrations

Carbon Monoxide (CO) NAAQS Standards –1 hr & 8hr maximums

Mecklenburg Meteorological Data

 MCAPCO Section 1.5600

EDMS - Airport Structures

 MCAPCO Section 2.0800


Mecklenburg County TFP Fee Structure

Permit processing fee for a new transportation facility or significant modification to an existing transportation facility - $1,500

Processing fee for minor modifications to an existing transportation facility - $400

Model review is required for any permit application that requires review of a model demonstration to determine compliance with MCAPCO Section 2.0800 – “Transportation Facilities.” - $500

Alternative Public Notice - $1000

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