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Appeals for Tax Year 2013 Officially End

June 28, 2013 - The 2013 Board of Equalization and Review (BER) officially adjourned for the 2013 tax year.  By North Carolina statute, appeals of property value for a given tax year must be filed between January 1st and the advertised adjournment date of the BER.  Appeals filed after the adjournment date are considered untimely. 

An exception is provided for property owners who receive "NOTICE OF VALUE -REAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT" letters from the Assessor's Office.  They may file an appeal within 30 days of the date of the notice, regardless of the BER adjournment date. Instructions for appealing are included with the notices.  A brief guide for Filing an Informal Appeal is available online.

Review Your Real Property Listing
March 19, 2013 - A new tool allows a property owner to view the County's record information in detail, and even note any discrepancies beside the respective attributes, to send to the Assessor's Office for review. A short Adobe Acrobat Reader Requiredtutorial is available for assistance. Property owners may access the Property Record Feedback Tool here, or go to the Revaluation page for this and other tools.


The appeal process is an essential component of property valuation. The County can staff only a limited number of appraisers and property specialists to value all of these properties - real property, vehicles, business and individual personal property. Property owners are entitled to request that values of specific properties be reviewed (appealed) in light of aspects of the property that may not have been included when the Office set the value.

This site is for Mecklenburg County property owners who have appealed the values of their real property:

  1. In tax year 2011, and are either awaiting decisions from the Property Tax Commission (PTC) in Raleigh, or have had their cases heard and the PTC has remanded (returned) their cases to the BER;
  2. In tax 2012, and are waiting to be heard before the BER, or have continued their appeal to the PTC;
  3. In tax year 2013, and are waiting for the results of their informal appeals, or have completed the informal appeal process and wish to continue to the BER.

    Read the Adobe Acrobat Reader RequiredCounty attorney's explanation of what criteria are valid for appealing in reappraisal (i.e., revaluation) and non-reappraisal years.

2013 Appeals

The 2013 Board of Equalization and Review adopted its procedures for the current tax year, reinstituting the informal review.  All appeals for 2013 will be treated as requests to the Assessor’s Office to examine evidence submitted by the property owner supporting a different value. 
County appraisal staff will talk with property owners to fully understand their concerns. Upon further review, the Assessor’s Office will conclude the informal appeal process by providing decisions in writing: reduction, no change, or in some cases, an increase.
Property owners who are not satisfied with the conclusions of the Assessor’s Office may file appeals to the BER within 30 days of their informal decision notices.  The BER will then schedule a time for property owners to present their cases to them in person.


Property owners may represent themselves during the appeals process, hire an attorney-at-law licensed in North Carolina to represent them, or appoint another representative through a Power of Attorney form, available online.

Links to more information about the appeals process:

If you still have questions, you may refer them to a member of our Appeals Support Team about your specific case, at 704-432-7250 or



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