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Review Process

Mecklenburg County has released a new web application to provide citizens with an update on the progress being made to the Revaluation Review. You now have the ability to easily see the effect of the review on your neighborhood, the current values on each property, and the ability to find comparable sales.
Try the Mecklenburg County Neighborhood Review Status Application
August, 2013—The Board of County Commissioners approved the Reappraisal Review option outlined in Section 2/ii of North Carolina General Assembly Session Law 2013-62​ to correct property values from 2011 Revaluation.

To begin the process​, the County Assessor’s Office has solicited bids from private appraisal companies to begin work after the County Commissioners make a selection. 

Over the next year or so, all Mecklenburg County property will be reviewed and owners notified of the results by mail. Owners whose property value is lowered will be eligible for refunds with interest. In cases where a property value is raised, taxes will be assessed retroactively with no penalty. Property owners not satisfied with their values will be able to appeal. 

The review process began in 2012 in response to concerns over the 2011 General Reappraisal. At that time, County Commissioners contracted with Pearson’s Appraisal Services (PAS) to conduct an independent review. 

The review included an assessment of the administrative procedures, conformity to legal requirements and accepted appraisal standards, integrity of data, and the dissemination of information to the public. 

On the basis of the PAS report delivered in November, 2012, a work plan addressing the Board’s priorities was developed by General Manager Bobbie Shields, serving as the interim County Assessor. PAS was again contracted to continue their work to all areas of the County.






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Dick Pacetti