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Assessor's Office

Changes in Vehicle Tax Payments (Two-month Delay)

April 29, 2013 - Although slated to begin with July renewals the state's new Vehicle Tax System (VTS) - described below -  will be postponed for two months.  There are 600 car dealers throughout the state who use vendors to title and register vehicles.  These vendors accounted for over a million registrations last year, at no cost to taxpayers.  The delay is necessary to work out the processes enabling these vendors to continue providing services.

Beginning in 2013, the Department of Motor Vehicles will start sending combined invoices for both registration renewal AND property tax to owners of vehicles registered in the state. All 100 counties of North Carolina are preparing now for this transition. Since vehicle registrations and tax payments are staggered throughout the year, the program will not be completely implemented until mid-year 2014. The new Tag and Tax Together program is designed to collect vehicle property taxes along with registration renewals more efficiently, while making it more convenient for owners to pay them together.
Tag and Tax Together Logo
The Assessor's Office will update its Vehicle Tax page as we implement this new program with the state. For more information, you can visit our Tag and Tax website by clicking the logo on the right -->

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Review Your Real Property Listing
March 19, 2013 - A new tool is available for property owners to review how their property is listed - described - in County records. The tool provides several ways to search for a property - name, address, parcel number - and then retrieves the attribute information from the County's database. A property owner can note any discrepancies beside the respective attributes, provide general comments if further explanation is needed, and submit the feedback to the Assessor's Office for review. A short tutorial is available for instruction. Property owners may access the Property Record Feedback Tool here.

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The Assessor's Office is a business unit of Mecklenburg County's Land Use and Environmental Services Agency (LUESA). The mission of the Assessor's Office is to discover, list, and appraise all real and personal property in Mecklenburg County in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes. The Assessor's Office provides accurate and timely information to internal and external customers while fostering good relations with those customers and the community.

City of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County SkylineCounty-wide Revaluation

Mecklenburg County completed a reappraisal of all real property, effective January 1, 2011. This is the first revaluation since 2003, and is mandated by North Carolina statute. For ad valorem (Latin – to the value) taxes, the cost of government is distributed across all properties according to value. The actual tax on a property – and how it changes from year to year – is the decision of elected officials when they adopt a budget and set tax rates in June of each year. These officials comprise the Board of County Commissioners, and the Council members of the respective municipality in which a property may be located.

For more information, go to the Reval website.

Tax Relief Programs

North Carolina offers programs providing tax relief for low-income elderly or disabled citizens, as well as disabled veterans. These programs offer exclusion of a portion of the assessed value, or a deferral of taxes to property liens payable at a later date. Eligible taxpayers should learn more to see if they qualify.

Relief for Home Builders with Unsold Inventory

The NC General Assembly enacted legislation - effective in 2010 - to provide tax relief in the form of deferred property taxes on unsold homes - more information.

One Stop - Tax Bill and Personal Property Lookup

The North Carolina Property Tax System (NCPTS) provides web-based lookup functions for Tax Bills and Business and Individual Personal Property. You may search on Bill, Personal Property, or *Special Assessment information, using parameters such as owner name or street name. Try the Property Tax System link on the right.

*Special Assessment is one in which certain property owners have contracted with either Mecklenburg County or the City of Charlotte for improvements to their properties. Property owners follow a process beginning with a neighborhood petition and concluding with approval from the respective governing board.

The owner(s) of record for property taxes are the parties that hold legal title on January 1 of the given tax year. In searching for real property bills by address in NCPTS, records for current and past years are returned, so the year in question can be selected.

Service Location in Mint Hill

Property assessment services for business personal property customers in southeastern Mecklenburg County are offered by appointment through the Town Hall of Mint Hill.  Staff are located as follows:

Town of Mint Hill, NC
4430 Mint Hill Village Lane
Mint Hill, NC 28227
Hwy 51 - Blair Rd, just east of Lawyers Road
    Appointments: please call (704) 545-3468

Customers can also call 311 (704-336-4600 from outside the County) or visit the main office at 700 East Stonewall Street.

Tax Data Downloads

NC 2013 Property Tax Calendar

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