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As of January 1, 1974, military personnel on active duty are not exempt from listing any unregistered vehicles and paying personal property taxes in the North Carolina county in which their property is located. All vehicles, trailers, etc. not registered on January 1 of each year must be listed with the tax office. All registered vehicles will automatically be billed three months after renewal of a tag or issue of a new tag. In accordance with North Carolina General Statutes and Federal Law, all military personnel on active duty must pay to the state of their respective homes of record.
If your home of record is a state other than North Carolina, please return the bill notice with a copy of your Leave and Earnings Statement which covers the period in which your tag was purchased or renewed so that we may void the bill.
If your home of record is in North Carolina and Mecklenburg County, but you are stationed elsewhere, return the bill notice along with a copy of your Leave and Earnings statement and your duty orders.
If you have further questions, please call us our Customer Service Center at 704-336-4600.

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