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​2014 Audit Reports

​Audit reports are PDF files that are sorted by audit type (Assurance, Follow-Up and Investigation).  The columns, left to right, display the Report Number|Project Description, Department|Agency and Report Date.

collapse Audit Type : Assurance ‎(3)
1352 Computer and Equipment DisposalBusiness Support Services Agency6/10/2014
1369 Cash CollectionsPark and Recreation7/8/2014
1370 Cash CollectionsTax Collector6/9/2014
collapse Audit Type : Follow-Up ‎(13)
1461 Core Business ProcessesRegister of Deeds4/19/2014
1462 Policies and ProceduresFinancial Services Department3/21/2014
1463 Accounts PayableFinancial Services Department3/21/2014
1464 Advantage ApplicationFinancial Services Department3/21/2014
1465 MTS Time Reporting InvestigationDepartment of Social Services4/9/2014
1466 Sugaw Creek Cash Collection InvestigationPark and Recreation3/21/2014
1467 Fuelman Gas Cards InvestigationBusiness Support Services Agency2/25/2014
1468 Accounts Payable and InventorySheriff3/11/2014
1469 NOVA Cash Collections and ComplianceCommunity Support Services2/25/2014
1470 Accounts Payable and Procurement CardsMeckLINK | Provider Services Organization2/25/2014
1471 Body ManagementMedical Examiner4/9/2014
1472 Class System InvestigationPark and Recreation3/21/2014
1473 Valuation and AppealsTax Assessor7/16/2014
collapse Audit Type : Investigation ‎(2)
1401 Contract Management InvestigationPark and Recreation9/22/2014
1402 Grady Cole InvestigationPark and Recreation7/9/2014


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